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Absolute Sin [Prologue]

Title: Absolute Sin
Author: findinggatsby
Pairing: Rydon
Rating: PG-16
Era: Post-split
Disclaimer: I do not own Panic! at the Disco or the Young Veins.
Summary: Selling hearts, stealing souls, playing Devil's Advocate literally: all of this and more led to the demise of Panic! at the Disco.
Absolute Sin
By findinggatsby


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Gather here, boys and girls! Now, now, relax. There is no need to fear the crimson in my eyes. Come close, children, but hush! Hush! I have quite the story, ah, no...I have quite the tragedy to share tonight.

Oh, dear! Oh, me! Forgive my lack for manners of not introducing myself. My name is Esteban. It is quite a sinful pleasure to meet you. Does my name not ring a bell? The boys I am about to tell you about even wrote a lovely song about me. Remember 'Thank God for Esteban'?

Ha! Thank God? That crazy 'ol self-righteous cahoot? That Ross kid truly knows how to put his wicked ironic streak to use. What a sick little child. And oh, Beelzebub, how I absolutely adore sick little children.

Because you see, little darlings, I prey upon the innocent. Nothing makes a soul entree more delicious than that extra special zing of innocence. Children are my favorite, because they are so malleable.

But adults?

Oh, boy.
Adults are just downright corruptible.

Am I the Devil?

Yes? No? Maybe so?

But that sounds so absurdly old-fashioned. I am just your kind, generous gentleman with a nature to con. Cheat, steal, lie-

That is what I do best
and I do it with style.

But enough about me! Let us move onto the star sinners of this tale.

Spare your patience with me, reader. First, we must travel to a long, long time ago. Travel with me to Sin City, the 21st century Babylon, Las Vegas. This city is my domain, my own little kingdom. It is a tainted realm where Advocates and Sinners are born faster than harlots.

Now, you see, there were two little boys. Whether it be by Fate, or God just wanting a good laugh (His humor is worse than mine, by the way), both of these kids' parents were my clients. I'll tell you all about their sins later. But right now, look at these two dear children.

One was mute.
One was deaf.

One had a billionaire father.
One had a never aging mother.


One had a dead father.
One had a comatose mother.

The mute boy could now sing
but he lost his heart.

The deaf boy could now hear
but he lost free will.

Do the math.
Have fun.

Try guessing which one is Brendon Urie
And which one is Ryan Ross.

That wasn't the end though. I schemed something diabolical for these two boys eons ago. Ultimately, they would have to steal from each other, hurt each other, destroy each other-

But, oh, oh, Beelzebub!
Something terrible and wicked happened!

The two boys fell in love.

And I threw a party in my hot, steaming office, because there is no better way to corrupt a human than with love.

You see, readers, love is a ridiculous, silly thing. It leads humans to do equally ridiculous, silly things. Take that Urie boy for instance. He has been trying so desperately to save his lover boy Ryan. It is rather pathetic.

Up until now, you have always thought that the men's "different tastes (in music)" led to the band split. Puh-uh-leeease. What a hideous lie. Could they not at least pretend to go out with a bang? Boom? Kazwing?

Well, little darlings, your dear 'ol Esteban here has the truth. There is no better witness than the one who crafted the tragedy. Sit, stay a while, and listen. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two about love-

and how to never fall for it.

GATSBY: It has taken me years to finally be able to write a post-split Rydon. I decided to take a spin on the split with subtle supernatural elements. However, the focus is still heavily upon the dynamics between Brendon and Ryan. Esteban is characterized after the song 'Thank God for Esteban'. Expect to see more characters developed from their songs. It's bound to be fun. This story will also be told in first POV through multiple characters. This is only the prologue, so it is short.

Thank-you for reading!
Feedback is greatly appreciated!
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